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Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

I want me one of these. O.O

But Nnnnnyaaargh. So expensive for an input device.

Jon (12:21:09 AM): hahaha
if only it came in blue
Ben (12:21:15 AM): oooh
Jon (12:21:17 AM): or black=P
Ben (12:21:17 AM): that would be cooler.
Jon (12:21:20 AM): hahaaha
Ben (12:21:21 AM): but... uh, kinda hard to see.
Jon (12:21:23 AM): AHAHAHAHA
Ben (12:21:23 AM): ...
invisible keyboard.
Jon (12:21:32 AM): welll i would give it to someone
and be like
it wokrks
Ben (12:21:43 AM): "Dude, I can make words appear on my screen just by tapping at my table.
...wanna buy my table?"
Jon (12:21:51 AM): i know right...
Tags: awesomeness, geek, thinkgeek

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