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Fate Stay Night - Fin - IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Fate Stay Night - Fin
And so Fate Stay Night ended with 24 episodes.

It was pretty. And (possibly cornily) romantic with a good serving of action. Kinda sad that Saber didn't end up with Shirou, but eh, it looks like they've gotten what they each want? Kinda? At least, Shirou's moving on. "The memories may fade one day, but I'll always know I loved her," or something to that extent. And while they showed Saber dying, she died happily. Or... as far as I can tell.

An 9.5/10 series, I'd say. I don't really feel like rewatching it, but I wouldn't really mind doing so, as the animation and music were good. Plot was relatively ok, and I think there were a few things I missed (Avalon? Shield? Wha?)

But.. it was good.


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