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Google Pages hacked?

Our programming wizards tried their darndest to get Google Page Creator to work with as many browsers as possible. But alas, even the most expert practitioners of web sorcery must sleep now and again, lest their JavaScript magic run dry.

JavaScript magic. Hehe, Google, I love you guys. (I'm a Safari, MacOS X 10.4.* user.)

Oddly enough, I found my way there via this post at [] which reported that Websense reported that "Google pages has been hacked and is hosting malicious Trojan code for people to download". Being slightly disturbed and curious, I went to check out Google Pages (didn't know there was a google pages... eh? When did this come out?).

Apparently doesn't work. You'll have to travel there by I haven't checked the code for suspicious ickies though, so don't wander there unprotected. (I don't know how the code is hosted, as websense doesn't give any indication of the attack vector: "Google website hosting service 'Google Pages' is hosting malicious code. To date have not had reports of a lure for the sites within email or Instant Messaging linking to this site or exploit code downloading it, however it may either be in the setup phase or not be widely distributed yet. The site is hosted on the same IP address as the main site. The file is packed with ASPack and is a banking Trojan Horse which is designed to steel ["steal"? sheesh...] banking credentials upon visiting pre-defined financial institutions sites." is all they say.)

Here's the websense report:

I think they've made a mistake somewhere. Will post more if more sources clarify~
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