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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
SixApart / LiveJournal / San Francisco: Schedule
Monday, June 19, 2006
AirTran Airways # 67
Washington Dulles Intl (IAD) to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ATL (ATL)
Departure (IAD): June 19, 2:54 PM EDT (afternoon)
Arrival (ATL): June 19, 4:44 PM EDT (afternoon)
Class: Economy

AirTran Airways # 57
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ATL (ATL) to San Francisco International
Departure (ATL): June 19, 6:25 PM EDT (evening)
Arrival (SFO): June 19, 8:40 PM PDT (evening)
Check in, maybe wander around San Francisco a tad bit. Anyone got places I should try to visit? Keep in mind I'm arriving at 8:40 PM~ so most places might be closed already.

Sleep the night at the Courtyard Downtown (299 2nd St).

Check out, head on over to SixApart's office (548 4th Street) around 10. If I manage to wake up earlier, there'll be the option of wandering around a bit.

That'll give us 12 hours to talk, more or less. Minus lunch and dinner. Although I don't think we'll need 12 hours~ so I think I'll still have time left over to wander a bit. And since transportation back to the airport could take 30-60 minutes, I should probably plan to be heading back to the airport around 8:30 or so. Granted, I'm paranoid, so the numbers may seem silly. ::doesn't want to run for planes again though...::

God bless Google Earth. :D Nothing like doing a bit of bird's-eye sight-seeing before wandering out there.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006
AirTran Airways # 52
San Francisco International (SFO) to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ATL (ATL)
Departure (SFO): June 20, 9:45 PM PDT (evening)
Arrival (ATL): June 21, 5:33 AM EDT (morning)
Class: Economy

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
AirTran Airways # 58
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ATL (ATL) to Washington Dulles Intl (IAD)
Departure (ATL): June 21, 7:00 AM EDT (morning)
Arrival (IAD): June 21, 8:41 AM EDT (morning)

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Current Mood: nervous nervous
Current Music: Sunset Boulevard - Andrew Lloyd Webber

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selphish From: selphish Date: June 19th, 2006 04:59 am (UTC) (Link)
Are you just doing layouting work for them? Or something more?
ibneko From: ibneko Date: June 19th, 2006 05:05 am (UTC) (Link)
Depends on how you define "layouting work"... at the moment, I'm supposed to make some way for people to upload templates in zip files, which will get parsed and converted into a S2 layout. And people will be able to download what was uploaded (or... the I'll unconvert things and put them into a zip file), make changes, and then upload it again.

So I'm not exactly making layouts.. but actually making a better system. Hopefully.
selphish From: selphish Date: June 19th, 2006 05:25 am (UTC) (Link)
Sounds like you've got a lot ahead of you.
porsupah From: porsupah Date: June 21st, 2006 03:04 am (UTC) (Link)
Ah, poop! I could've chimed in with a recommendation or two, if I'd read this in time. ^_^;;

Still, hopefully it worked out well, professionally and touristically. ^_^

(What would I have suggested? Not sure, really. ^_^ I'm always fond of the Haight, and the Castro's fun for window shopping too, not to mention the Castro Theatre, with performances on the Mighty Wurlitzer preceding each screening. And the Golden Gate Bridge is quite wonderful)
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