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Ugh, ok, alive again~

Yeah, slept for about 6 hours, from 9 AM to 3 PM upon getting home. With the help of Tylenol, things are much better now.

Let's see.. yes, I have a much better idea of what my addition to livejournal will be. It'll really be two parts:
1- a style "toolkit", that we distribute in the form of a zip file. It'll include fake/sample html pages, and the end user just edits the style.css we include in there. So all you upload is the style.css and any required images that you want hosted along with your custom style.css. It'll be based off the voxish S2 style (not live yet). And while it's also possible to just copy and paste the style.css into your voxish S2 style, the goal of the zip file that users upload is just so that users can have an easy way to trade styles.
2- a zip uploading / file management / parsing thing.

SixApart was cool. Kinda like google, I was told, but not as excessive in the employee loving. But I'd still like to work there someday - the work environment is pretty nice. Uh, I took pictures of the outside, will post them later. The inside is nothing like the outside, but I didn't take pictures~

Of the people I met, whitaker, brad, and someone I can't find anymore ^^;;; the guy who stuck around with me on the couches until I left. Hrumph. I found him on livejournal previously, but I can't find him anymore...
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