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Some old story or other...

“Siobhan, can you tell us the access code please?” a teenage boy about 5’ 5” spoke into a small microphone attached to his head. He was standing in front of a panel with unreadable letters and numbers on it. Next to the panel was a door that seems to be made of steel. The boy was trying heard to hear the reply through his headphones and seemed as if he was not getting the message. With a final nod and a sigh he turned to the two others gathered around him. With a grim face he nodded and then turned back to the panel in front of him. Taking out a portable computer he attached it to the panel in front of him and started to type. In merely three seconds the door opened.
Then turning to the girl next to him, the boy nodded and stepped aside. The girl stealthily walked into the room and took out a small can. Pressing the can just once, a spray of light fog filled the room and red sensory lights could be seen. Taking in a breath she flipped over each line until she reached the other side, where she opened a box on the wall and turned off the security. Turning, she nodded toward her companions.
The two who had remained by the door quietly walked to the center where on a pedestal sat a beautiful artifact made of glistering gold. It seemed to be a sculpture of a cat, but it stood on its hind legs as it seemed to be on the lookout. The cat-like thing was wearing what seems to be an expensive robe and the eyes of the cat were that of an expensive gem for sure. The cat had no whiskers as well and its paws were expanded and each claw was a finely cut diamond. Turning to the boy who had just opened the door, the two girls accompanying him waited, guns drawn and ready for anyone who might interrupt him. The boy slowly but surely took out a duplicate of the sculpture and took a deep breath. Then counting quietly to ten he placed one hand on the sculpture while holding the duplicate. In a flash he switched the two. The two girls upon seeing that the job was done, slowly started to head for the door, with the boy coming behind them as he placed the valuable sculpture in his bag. Once outside the door, the boy closed the door and the three of them hid the weapons they had out.
Letting out a sigh, the three of them innocently started down the hall then paused as if deciding which direction to go. Just then someone who was did not seem quite human walked toward them. It was only 3 feet tall and its skin was smooth but light blue. The eyes, which could barely be seen, were seemed to be made of glass and were extremely small. There were strands hanging from its head, though it most defiantly wasn’t hair. However the rest of its features were mostly similar to that of a human, with ears just a little more pointed at the end. Upon seeing the three teenagers, it immediately ran up to them, its hand on a gun on its belt. “What are you kids doing here?” it asked them.
The three kids immediately turned around and the boy said, “Hello sir. Could you help us? We were here on the tour of this grand mansion, however we got lost from the tour group and have been trying to find our way back. We must have been going around in circles cause I am sure that we have been here before. We didn’t dare knock on any of the doors to ask for help, because we had no ideas where they might lead us or who we might interrupt. Please help us.” By then, the boy looked as if he would cry and had a very desperate look on his face. The guard immediately felt sorry for him and pat the boy’s head. //!//He’s only 3 feet, whereas the boy is 5 feet… patting??? Then turning around, it gestured for them to follow. In a few minutes the group found themselves at the entrance of the building. The guard informed them that the tour group they were in must have already ended its tour and that they could either wait for the next or come another time. The boy again replied, “Thank you so much sir. I am so glad we had ran into you, however I think my friends and I have had enough excitement for one day. We will come back some other time to tour this house. Thank you, good bye sir.” The three kids were soon out of the building.
“That was pretty smart Peter, but I think you could have been less friendly. If he should remember our faces, it could cause some problems, especially after we went through all that trouble disabling the cameras. It could cause us a lot of problems!” scolded the second girl, who had been quiet for most of the mission.
“I’m sorry for that, ok?” the boy whose name is Peter replied with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. Then turning toward the street, he hailed a cab and the three teens climbed in, without hesitation, Peter ordered, “To the spaceport!”
The cab hurried off and soon arrived at the spaceport, where Peter paid for the cab and the three teens was soon inside the crowded spaceport. Without even hesitating, they skipped past all the lines that was in progress for baggage check for they had no baggage. (The equipment they had brought with them was left to be picked up by their associates) They went to the north side of the spaceport and saw a small spaceship parked just outside waiting for them. “I guess we are not behind schedule,” commented the girl who had turned off the security system.
“Of course we are on time Lan, in case you didn’t realize, we finished the job exactly 5 minutes 30 seconds and 78 milliseconds ahead of schedule,” commented the girl who is on an insult streak.
“Karen, that is really not necessary,” Peter ordered then led them onto the spaceship.
“Since when did you start to listen to Peter again?” Karen whispered to Lan as the two girls followed Peter onto the spaceship. Her attitude a little annoyed at the idea of taking order from her peer, especially Peter.
“I believe it has to do with the fact that he is the leader of this mission. How he got assigned is beyond my understand, but he is the leader and let him have fun and being leader does guarantee that he doesn’t go around playing pranks on US,” Lan replied trying to calm Karen down as well as looking at the bright side to their situation. However that doesn’t mean she was not as annoyed as Karen was by the idea of taking orders from Peter.
The three agents sat quietly on the spaceship as it made its journey back to their home. It was a short one, since jumping through wormholes was not that difficult with all the new technology. Within ten hours the they arrived within orbit of NESA. Looking out the window, Lan thought back to when she had first seen NESA. It had been merely half an Earth year ago, when she was chosen and was making the trip to NESA. When she had first seen it, there was a feeling of disgust, because NESA had been a planet of muddy, dirt brown, instead of the nice blue and white color of Earth. However, when she had gotten to the other side of NESA and was close to the surface, she found that NESA was formed by many glass domes that surrounded the large buildings on NESA. The buildings were like those in the futuristic movies she had seen on Earth, with the cars flying instead of driving on a true road. Not that there weren’t roads, there were also many layers of roads as well for different types of cars, those to drove on the ground, those that hover just a few feet of the roads, and those that flew. NESA was a planet that was the political center of the universe as well as one of the biggest commercial centers in the universe. It was like the Washington D.C. of the Greater United States of America, except NESA was the conter for the known universe. Lan and some of her friends had been taken from Earth to be agents for the United Universe, they however were not the only teenagers, a few more were from Earth, as well as those from many other universes.
Before Lan could go any further down memory lane, she was shook back to reality, literally, by Peter, who cheerfully announced that they had landed. Standing up Lan walked calmly out of the spaceship and into the spaceport. Before being allowed to enter NESA however, she still had probably at least half an hour more to be spent on getting through all the security checks. Going first to luggage, they were able to skip through that because of their special conditions. Then they had to step through half a dozen scanners that checked for disease, weapons, and any other illegal factors that NESA does not support. Finally after all the checks, the group got out of the spaceport and found a car waiting outside for them. Loading in their luggage, which was pretty much only Peter’s bag, the three of them were soon driving to Escondido Mansion where they were residing.
Escondido Mansion was much like those mansions on Earth, for anyone who had seen Batman Forever could probably picture what Escondido Mansion looked like. On the outside it looked very much the same and like Bruce’s Mansion but on the inside, there were as many, if not more, secrets in Escondido Mansion. The security system for the Mansion was beyond must people’s belief or imagination. There were the basic with the sensory, camera, and search lights, as well as truly automatic guns, bombs, and many trap doors and nets. As well as an electrical shield to deflect most air attacks, therefore the only way in is through being accepted. Stepping to the gate, Peter, Karen, and Lan placed their hands on the scanner while looking up at the camera that was hidden but pointed at them. In a few seconds, a voice announced the conformation of their identities. Stepping inside the Mansion they walked down to the end of the hallway and stepped into the elevator. Opening a small box marked, “Emergency,” below the basic sets of buttons for the elevator, Karen pressed B and the elevator shot down at a dangerous speed. In merely 38 milliseconds, the group was on level B and the door opened to allow them to proceed. The hallway in front of them now was a great contrast to the previous one. While the previous one had a red carpet and old paintings and wooden walls on both sides, this hallways had steel on the two sides as well as no pictures or carpet. The ground was also steel and each step they took sent an echo through the hallway. After what seemed like an never ending hallway, the three agents
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