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Guys, I need a hand here.

Say LiveJournal or Xanga started to search your blog's content for keywords, and added links to these keywords in order to get profit, what would your response be? Why? And how can they make the feature (or curse) better?

I'm arguing with someone who thinks we could profit out of parsing RSS feeds as we display them by adding links to various words that we find in the content. She thinks it's good. At least to make money from. I'm of the opinion that it's terribly unethical.

I've offered up the possibly options:
1) Instead of doing it for the RSS feeds, we'll do it for those who wish to post directly to our site, (a multi-blog poster, if you will) and from there, provide some sort of "preview" page, with optional links for the author to put in.

2) ...actually, that wasn't really an option.
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