Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dinner/Movie

Call out to Elissa, Melly, and uh, anyone else that's interested.

Dinner at 7:45, probably some restaurant near Rio. Call Lily if you want a particular restaurant, or a later dinner time. Reservations will be made Friday morning.

Movie is at 9:30, at Rio. Why? It's cheaper, there's free parking, Lily's tired of Rockvile? :: shrugs:: Go bug her for details. :D [append 7/5/06 22:52] pre-order your tickets.

(personal note: go here tomorrow and pick that up. E-mail says $30 after rebates, and that's for an external USB 2.0 160GB.)

[edited] Caribbean, not.. whatever I spelled earlier.
Tags: announcement, movie

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