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TotalChoiceHosting (TCH)

I am now pretty certain that will become the future host for yet-not-entirely-named-business.

Judging from their forums, support is active, and help is freely given. Complaints are there, as with most other hosts, but success stories seem quite often too. Googling for totalchoicehosting downtime brings up one of their forum post regarding a move in servers due to increased data-server failings.

They also seem pretty well regarded over at the forums.

(Or, if anyone wants to recommend anything else, my requirements are as follows:
-MySQL required
-SSL is probably necessary
-Perl Modules will need to be installed, like LWP and Net::Blogger, etc.
-SSH access is nice, but utterly required - I'm not exactly familiar with this cpanel thing
-Subdomains are good.
-Support is nice, but not essential.)

Here's the other hosts that I looked at:
PHPWebHosting - - awesome due to "unlimited" bandwidth and data space. Lost due to downtime complaints, as well as a post noting that their site was shutdown for being too much of a drain on resources. Assuming we'll grow, I expect that may become the case.

Hurricane Electric - - spiffy, 'cause of SSH + promises of unix tools. Lost due to downtime and price.

...there's some others, but those were ones I had been more seriously considering.

It seems, of all the various places I wandered to, was the best resource for checking quality and complaints. Alternatively, one could google for "[[name of company]] downtime", "[[name of company]] problems" and approximate the number of issues and "I've been with [[name of company]] and I've had no problems with them whatsoever" forum or blog posts.
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