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Finally, database-setup complete

One database-setup code/browser-front-end thing complete.

As redundant as it might be, it includes the options to:
-show tables
-display table formats
-display table data
-drop tables
-drop all the tables
-initialize the database based on a modified .sql script.

Current issue: It doesn't support smart upgrading of table formats. Like, it can't read the current format off the database, compare that with what I need, then generate the ALTER commands. Or whatever it is. But that can wait until I have real data and need to change things.

Next on the todo list, make the login page. Well, maybe the login + create-an-account page. I'll also need to read up on cookies and security. Mmm, ssl. I don't think my apache's configured to do ssl... blast. Maybe I can do whatever livejournal does . . . . There's some javascript thing, isn't there?

Jeeze, it's 4 AM again?
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