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I'm up to 79, now. Not working any further right now. (Don't know where to go yet...)
1. Click door.
2. This was a bit tricky, the hand threw me off - I thought I was supposed to change the URL. Hit the doorknob and you'll be good to go.
3. Watch careful, it blinks "Stop being so negative". So the trick is to change the URL.
4. Morse code on desk. Not too hard, I hope. Decodes to voodoo/power
5. googling "eyes like an angel smiles like a devil" reveals that it's by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (, and the song is "Simple Songs", thus simple/songs
6: kill hour. source for iFrame, iFrame for ascii in decimal form (alternative is ascii), and the login area is "anagram", thus, "lilk" and "uorh" turn into kill/hour.
7. "times have changed in deutschland", "what candy wrapper is it?". Looking carefully, you'll see the candy bar wrapper is a twix bar. However, trying "twix.htm", you'll find "wenoot", which, reversed is "too new" (which you'll get if you try "xiwt.htm". Finally, I cheated, and googled for the answer: apparently, twix used to be called raider [], reverse that, and you get "rediar.htm", which works. [Note: googling twix + german should have worked, but I didn't try that.]
8. "Note to self: keep telling people that jay pack is NO band", "water became wine", "". Oh, ok, "JAY PACK" -> "JPEG". And the keen observers would notice that there's one extra mp3 file in the source. Hmm, eh, hmm! Downloaded, renamed to jpg, and poof, username and password found, being "inverted" and "levelten" respectively.
9. Garbled html. Read it yourself.
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