Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Varied links.

Via porsupah:
Get paid to watch gay porn:
Not too bad if you're desperate for money. And can stand watching gay porn.

Although one might think, if you watch at 2x speed, you get get through things a lot quicker, which means clocking more hours than you actually spend, so at $14/hr... :: shrugs:: If I wasn't already overwhelmed by two projects and a lack of time, I'd consider it~

(possibly of note to marbenais, although I don't know how truly bright these are)
10 year glow sticks. Uses tritium...? (radioactive isotope of hydrogen, apparently)
...laser sealed borosilicate glass vials which are internally coated with phosphor injected with gaseous tritium which reacts with the phosphor to create a cold energy which produces a low level light source...

(Hm, here:, it says 12 years is their warranty. Also, tritium things are controlled by Nuclear Regulatory Commission, so shipping them here from UK might cause issues?)

And finally, The.Secret.Life.Of.Machines? Movies, three parts(?), each about a GB. o.O

Torrent tracker here: Yes, they're legal. See here: (eh, you'll have to browse around a bit.
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