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Huh, shame, shame, shame!

Here's something rather nasty; Some guy (Dr Lance D Chambers JP a.k.a. lance1949) on eBay is selling someone else's work. And not only that, he refuses to take it down after contacted. Although he does have the balls to go to the post and comment.

Original post.

The cheat sheets:

It's been shoved onto digg, although with little impact:

Here's the guy's eBay store, search trimmed for "sheet"

And it's not just the stuff from ilovejackdaniels. He's also stealing from some guy named Laurent Grégoire:
Notice how in eBay, the image doesn't include the Copyright notice....

And also this Oracle Server Architecture cheat sheet:
Again, with the copyright stripped.

Both of the above are listed here:

Shame, I say, SHAME ON THEE, lance1949!

[append] here's a pretty spiffy blog entry by the guy who runs (Dave Child).

10 ways to improve your website sale, essentially. Which actually applies to the stuff I'm building, but in a different way, as we're not selling products or services... yet.
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