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Back from NJ...

...and back to work.

Let's see.
I now know how to:
-Remove kitchen sinks.
-Replace kitchen faucets.

Also replaced the water fill valve for our downstairs toilet.


NJ was...the usual. Victor got a Nintendo DS. I like the game Lost Magic []. =^^= Drawing spells? Rocks so much. Now I want a DS. Damn.

We also went and played Laser Tag there. Shadowlands beats them by quite a lot. We were issued headsets (uncomfortable, but hey, audio feedback!), which was connected to a smaller gun (firing button where the hammer would be, instead of the trigger - I probably have the terms wrong...), which was connected to a battery pack. Shooting people was easier, I think - the gun shot a much more dispersed beam of light/laser/stuff, and we could aim for the headset (either ear), or down the gun barrel. The layout of the room was... ok. Nothing to climb on or over, but there were multiple rooms, and better places to back yourself up against and snipe.

Mmm, and I employed my skills learned from school to kill off most of the spyware in my cousin's computer. I _think_ I got most of it, but when I left, it was still updating to WinXP service pack 2. (yes, it was service pack 1. And missing at least +49 security patches).
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