Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Trendnet TEW-432BRP (B1)

It arrived today. Free after a combined set of rebates between trendnet (dropping it to $8) and my credit card (dropping it down to -$2). That is, assuming I get the rebates from trendnet.

At first glance, the router looks rather cheap and.. plastic-y. Hell, it feels rather cheap and plastic-y. The rubber bottom legs are on a small, unevenly cut piece of adhesive backing thing. Clearly hand-cut. :-\

The legs don't fit nicely in the holes, but hey, why does it matter? No one's going to see them anyways, and if they fall off, well, they fall off.

One detachable antenna. I'll probably replace this with my external antenna expander thing once I get back on campus.

And one ugly, FAT transformer plug - outputs +5.0V/2.5A

http://admin:admin@ and I'm in~

Hmm, cgi files, and... restarting seems to be crappy. Like some other D-Link router I've run into in the past, this one provides an Admin account as well as an User account. God knows why?

Time seems to support only until 2012. That's pretty sad.... and you've got the option of setting your own daylight savings... settings. Hmm.

Sweet, it's got Dynamic DNS support. That rocks. =^^=v

(note to self: channel assignments:,6683522~root=wlan~mode=flat)

Mmm, what should I name the wireless... nightwing?

Hmm, it's got most of the normal features... even has MAC address allow-all-but next to the deny-all-but~ Hmm, it's got protocol (port) filtering from LAN-to-WAN. Pretty good.

Now to test the wireless stability. I've read reviews of the wireless being crappy, as well as IP grabbing being lousy. Eh, on second thought, I'll test them later. Maybe bed first. Or food.
Tags: geeky, hardware

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