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Sweet. Mulan Complete Soundtrack.

So apparently a _complete_ soundtrack _was_ released! Unlike the soundtrack released by Disney and available everywhere.

Notably, this one contains the soundtrack from the scene where Mulan cuts her hair and dons her father's armor, and rides off into the night.

The song title is Short Hair, track 7 of Academy Promo, as listed here:

Found the above link here.

It's on eBay for about 50 dollars:

Alternative title: Emperor Entertainment EE-CD 300900

And fortunately, aMule (Err, eDonkey?) has answered my prayers~ I've found a few copies floating around - most around 105.5 MB, in a zip file. Baloo release? There's also a 385.37 MB rar file. There's... 1 source for the last one. More sources for the other, but... eh, I dunno. Not connected to anyone yet . . . .
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