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Hmmmm.... Amazon... Groceries!

Rather spiffy, although they only carry non-perishables. Not a real problem there, but it would possibly mean saving a few cents if we get free shipping and no tax.

At least I don't think tax is charged... Not for maryland, anyhow?


Speaking of no tax, Virginia's having their first Sales Tax Holiday.

In 2006, the Sales Tax Holiday will begin at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, August 4, 2006 and end at midnight on Sunday, August 6, 2006.

During Virginia's Sales Tax Holiday, purchases of school supplies selling for $20 or less per item, and articles of clothing, including footwear, selling for $100 or less per item, will be exempt from sales tax. All retailers selling these items MUST participate in the Sales Tax Holiday. Sales tax exemptions do not apply to items selling for more than the amounts listed.

More information here:

DC's also doing a tax holiday:

(Washington, DC) The District of Columbia will offer a Sales Tax Holiday beginning 12:01 am Saturday, August 5 through midnight Sunday, August 13, 2006, to provide buyers an exemption from the 5.75 percent sales tax for shoes, clothing, and accessory items. The exemption covers each item costing $100 or less.
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