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Ugh, just my luck.

Just had to get sick a few days before Karen comes. XP

Oh well. Got sleep.. 12 hours from 11:30 PM to 12-ish AM. Then more in the afternoon, about 3 hours. I'm feeling... worse, really. But the "sick-almost-over-body-fighting-back" sorta sick.

Doesn't help that it's absurdly hot outside, and thus, rather warm inside.

Symptoms, thus far, in order of appearance: (haha, just like in a show..)
itchy/fuzzy/sore throat.. three days ago~
dry cough as a result of said itchyness.. yesterday night.
occasionally runny nose of today
headache / fever.

Not counting the dizziness, as that's typically a side effect of having slept much more than usual.

Rrrrrgh. Fucking hot weather.

On the brighter side, I've accomplished a bit more for the LiveJournal Style Upload / Google Summer of Code thing. Yay me. Still absurdly behind though, especially considering how the due date is in 18 days. Yipes.

I wonder if they would allow me to submit a "beta" product - with minimal testing. Or if livejournal will insist that it gets shoved onto the beta server for full testing before it counts as being completed...?
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