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A 25 minute drive, two 75¢ tolls, and two-plus hours of ass-on-grass with music and video, accompanied by jaiwithani, contrasedative, and Lisa J.

Play! was good. I'm afraid I recognized snippets from only six of the seventeen + encore songs. These were: FFVII Aeris Theme, Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Cross, Super Mario Bros, FFVIII: Liberi Fatali.

Mmm, one camera person randomly adjusted their shot while they were live. Tsk, tsk. And they did it so fast that it was abruptly fuzzy. (pan out... oh, wait, no, pan back in! Whoops, too far, can't autofocus fast enough!). That was during Chrono Cross, I believe. And someone dropped something, with a nice 'thud' noise. Don't recall which piece that was...

So the way things worked: There were three large screens above the stage, two smaller (plasma? LCD?) screens on each wing of the apron, inside the actual Filene Center, and then one large screen outside, for those of us who went for cheaper, lawn-ness. View was good. Sound was good too - I think I saw someone with a tablet-esque laptop adjusting things. He walked halfway down the aisle, looked at it, poked it a few times with the pen he had, nodded, then trotted off. It had graphs on it. And was strapped to his hand.

Wondering if anyone managed to get a recording, either audio and/or video. Video's probably rather unimpressive. I could use a soundtrack though. Although I don't _need_ it.... Jai (I think) said it would only take an hour before we start seeing the BitTorrent links. A quick Googling, reveals this link of the Stockholm performance. Two seeders, 103.96 MB. I also see the Detroit performance...

Ugh, still tired. And also rather achy around the shoulder. Probably from a combination of coughing much (I.. strain my shoulder muscles somehow. They hurt after too much coughing).

So yeah, going to bed.
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