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DDR super pack~

In one 3.31GB rar file:
Dance Dance Revolution: Mixes 1-8th, Club Mixes 1-2, disney dancing museum, disney rave, festival, party collection, PSX exclusives(?), Ultramix 1-2
Dance with Intensity Originals (-Bantu-..?)
Dance Stage: Euromix 1-2, Fever PS2, Fusion, Fusion PS2, Party Edition, Unleashed
DDR Oha Super Kids Station
DDR4EVER 1-5, DDRei Tournamix 1-4a (and 4 PLUS)
PIU Exceed 1-2, 1-5th dance floor, 8th dance floor.
...and lastly, a 500 MB Z-Descargas folder... not too sure what that is

Also, separate from all that:
DDR Anime Pack (300+ MB) ( file - can be tossed into the Stepmania packages folder without unzipping!)

In The Groove 1 and 2 (two separate folders - can be zipped, I guess..)

Yep, so it's been offered to two people over AIM~ both don't need/want it. So, final call - anyone want anything in that 3.31 GB rar file? 'cause otherwise, chances are, I'll trash the non-official mixes (as in, mixes not found in real games... being DDR4Ever, DDRei, Z-Descargas.)

My Stepmania folder is 1.9 GB without the inclusion of any of this 3.31 GB pack. Sheesh. Absurdities~

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