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Japan Intercultural Network (J-Net) website

Finally, most finishing touches applied; links are bookmarkable if you run a javascript enabled browser (we use iFrames, so otherwise, navigating around tends to not work for bookmarks.)

For google (or at least, so I can find it again if I'm too lazy to dig though my tags...): J-net, jnet, uiuc, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-champaign. 2006-2007 website. Japan Intercultural Network.

Design credit goes to someone else. I... can almost claim implementation credit, 'cept my attempt was beaten up by meisankou. You picked better places to slice. Still had to clean up the code and toss a few extra gif files, but... yeah. My attempt was silly. I think I can claim credit for the javascript bookmarking of frames though. =^^=v

To-do: add links on data pages, so people can get back into a framed setting.

Facebook's... developer... wha... nevermind, will examine... tomorrow? Today, in a few hours.

..'cause it's like....5:30 AM, so I'm going to bed. Whoops?
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