Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

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Imminent Departure

I'll be departing for Illinois this saturday (19th) at 9 AM, from IAD. Arrive at CMI around 5 PM. Yes, I'll be in the airport for 'bout 4 hours, 'cause I bought tickets later. Bah.

But yes, if anyone needs to see me for anything* (..??) / wants to hang out (with me? I'm boring. o.O), I'll be at home most of the time, frantically coding.

*other than marbenais; I haven't forgotten about you. Come over sometime, or I could just give you the TI-83+ wire and you can do it yourself. No, Windoze isn't bad enough that it'll corrupt your calculator. I think.
Tags: travel

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