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Spent nearly the entire afternoon driving around with mom, running errands and such. Got caught in the really really large storm in the white oak area while I was on the road. It was actually an interesting mix of freakiness and awesomeness... there was large pools of water all over the place and watching water splash as you go through it is amazing. But scary, because you lose.. 40-50% of your control when you go through the pools... hydroplaning was it?

Oh, we picked up a Boss sound studio thingie (4x8 tracks x virtual tracks) that takes mic and guitar input ($300?). We also got a Shure (sp?) mic with a stand ($60)... all of this because my mom wants to be able to record her students... well, make recordings in general, and be able to play it back on the spot. Overall, I think this might be a bit on the expensive side, but well, I'm sure the quality is better than a tape player. Plus, this uses a memory card... so stuff can be sent over to the computer easily, which can then be burned to CD.

I set up my own BitTorrent tracker today. I'm also seeding 7 DDR songfile chunks (originally from turtleDDR)... which is probably screwing with my connection so badly that accessing IBCorner will be like waiting for ice to melt. I've started seeding and setting up the trackers mostly because turtleDDR is having random download problems and the generous side of me decided it might be nice to help.

I'm trying to set up a better status page, but IBCorner/LJ keeps snagging the .cgi url and telling me the database is unavailable. Or maybe that's because I misconfigured (sp?) the status index.cgi page. I dunno. Anyways, I might mess with it some other day, although that's doubtful. However, if anyone else needs a tracker, feel free to contact me for the tracker address. It doesn't start automatically on boot yet, however, so that may be fixed if I ever decide I want to run a tracker 24/7.

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