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Hmm.. upcoming stuffs

Google SOC is due in 6?7 hours. I can never get this time difference straight.

Either way, I've got to commit something complete, unpolished if necessary.

I do intend to continue working on it until it gets merged into livejournal though. Because that would be the coolness. Although they had initially planned for it to be a paid (or plus?) members only feature, as it does provide images hosting. I suppose I could add on a check to see if people are paid/plus, and then disable file uploads if they aren't.

I need to buy textbooks - Got ISBN numbers this morning. For the record, I seem to be taking:
CLCV 115
ASTR 404
STAT 400
ECE 329
KINE 1...? (Ice skating)

Quad day tomorrow. Mission Impossible III tomorrow night.
Illinites sometime this week.
Classes start wednesday, on a monday schedule.
Meeting with advisor regarding stuff friday.

Need to get bike fixed (argh), or find out when the police does the used/abandoned bike auction thing.

Need to sell my books and stuff. Anyone want to buy PHYS212, 213, 214 stuff? I don't think I have everything, just... portions of stuff.

I've also got an AI book to sell. Along with a Texas Instruments book-catalog-thing to sell (for ECE385..?)

I'm procrastinating. Tsk, tsk. Ben, get back to coding.
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