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Dolphin conspiricy, kitten antenna, windows, Foreign Service Institute Language packs, etc..
-Apparently, dolphin's are actually stupid. Scientific proof? I don't know.
-Amazon apparently messed up and loaded up a kitten image for a D-Link Antenna cable. We quote, Here's something you shouldn't try at home, unless you want an RSPCA SWAT team kicking in your front door: connecting an antenna using a nine-metre kitten with a male N-Series connector at one end and a female equivalent at the other:
-An amusing open letter to Microsoft complaining about the various stupid GUI things they do.
(via porsupah) The US Govt's Foreign Service Institute's courses for Cantonese, Chinese (Standard), French (Original), French (Revised), German, Greek, Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish Basic, Spanish Programmatic, Turkish have been put online for public consumption (public domain, anyways)
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