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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
The Onion Girl
Author: Charles De Lint
ISBN: 0-312-87397-2

Genre: Fiction, fantasy
Subcategories: magic, anthropomorphism...
Similar books: American Gods
Setting: 'current day' / a bit before & the fairy/'dreamland' world.
Worth buying? Yes.

[ Disclaimer to those coming in via Google: This is not a book review. This is the collection of the thoughts of a reader. There may or may not be spoilers. ]

The book... was really good. Ok, not awesome - I had a bit of trouble with points of view switching from person to person - it was not always clear who we were reading about/from.

But... content-wise and plot-wise, it was delicious. Akin to a large, juicy apple. I think it appealed to me because of the magic and the emphasis on belief. Of course, most of the main characters were special in some way, but... it opened up the possibility that there's other things that I haven't seen or noticed, and possibly ways into other worlds that I haven't considered, either for personal use, or at least to play with as a story world for NaNoWriMo.

We saw the bad turn good, the progression and re-emphasis of the equivalent of the rule of three (or rule of thirds? three-fold law?), karma... etc.

Dunno, it was good. Next book up on the list is The Balfour Conspiricy. By Ian St. James. Dunno, it was on the end of the bookshelf, and it said hi. So I picked it up, quite randomly so. Mystery usually isn't my thing...

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