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Poll: LJ Style Upload

Poll #806394 Style Upload? Upload Style?

What sounds better...?

Style Upload
Upload Style

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, this is the Google Summer of Code project I was working on for LiveJournal. Essentially, you upload a zip file with style.css file, along with any necessary images, and poof, it'll get added to your S2 user layer, assuming you're using voxish.

The trick behind it is actually relatively simple - the style.css file contents get copied into the custom_css field. So anyone can do it. And thus, it's really just for those who don't want to touch S2 with a 10 foot long pole, and would rather muck about in a css file. Ideally, we'd provide a sample zip file with html files that can be opened in a browser. Users change the style.css file, hit reload, and see their changes take effect. This _should_ make it easier to develop? Maybe? And since it's all in a zip file, you can trade zip files, which should be interesting, and could potentially develop into nice competitions.

Hack the Vox, ya? ;D

Errm, yeah, so long story short, I'm somewhat debating* between Style Upload and Upload Style. I've... used both interchangeably thus far, and they pretty much sound the same to me. So it up to you, my dear beloved loyal readers**, to pick a better name.

*I probably don't get final say in this, nor do I know if either LiveJournal Brad's care what it gets called in the end....
**I kid. It sounded good in my head. And it's 2:30 AM again. So if that was offensive or silly, just ignore me.

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