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Ya know....

...The level of my carelessness scares me.

I don't know why, or what's wrong. Maybe I'm too used to being allowed to make mistakes, as a compiler will check my work after I'm done, but... that doesn't help at all when it comes to doing absurdly simple math problems.

I just did (A x B) • C, where A, B, and C are all vectors. And each time, I came up with a different answer, the last one actually matching the correct answer.


Or maybe it's just 'cause I really don't do enough practice problems - so.. somehow.. I don't think carefully enough, when I do things on paper? I don't know. Mistakes included switching signs and... mmm, that's it, actually. =.=;;

This is stupid. So, so stupid. Yargh. No wonder I fail exams. And it's not... something that can be fixed by going to some speed study/study habits class as Burnnet (double n?) advised.

Speaking of which, she... annoys me, a bit. She's all... feeling-based.
Me: "So, should I try to retake such-and-such class?"
Her: "Well, how do you _feel_ about it?"
Me: *internal facepalm, 'i'm asking you because i want _advice_. not a mirror who asks me how i feel. i do enough of that already!'* "Well, it's... I didn't like it"
Her: "Well, maybe you should take some other class that you enjoy with it, so you're not taking all classes that you hate."
Me: *...thank you for pointing out the rather obvious...* "Ah, yes, balance, I know."

::sighs:: Essentially, the entire meeting was just pretty useless to me. I guess it's for people who really don't know what their doing. As opposed to... people... who... know what they're doing, but... just aren't really doing it correctly, or completely. Right. Like _that_ made _any_ sense.

To do/upcoming:
-Mandatory academic meeting
-STAT400 homework (need textbook. Not here yet. May have to rent textbook for $100)
-ECE329 readings / homework (doing this now... la la~ dumb.) I have homework yet?
-IB150: figure out what's happened thus far.
-Arrange classes to graduation for Brunnet. Drop in to visit and discuss. Need to figure out her office hours.

-ESMC meeting
-Jnet meetings (internal, general)
-LGBT welcome back night..maybe.

For some odd reason, I'm really looking forward to skating. I want to wake up early and play around on the ice in the mornings, and get a credit hour doing it.
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