Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Now and Then, Here and There

I never finished watching the series, but since selphish uploaded it, I figured why not, I'd try finishing it again. I think I remember the reason why I stopped watching - there was no WMV3 support for mac back then. And there still isn't. XP

But.. yeah. The animation style is old - pre DBZ/SM, I think. The series is well worth watching, I think. 13 episodes, so it's not too long, although it is slower than most things out today.

Eh, there's so much in the series, as possible thought/discussion material. Such as, the reason to live, reasons to kill... hope... the mindset of soldiers... I don't know. Stuff. XP Possibly "limited natural resources". That rulers should be killed off before they go mad (and bipolar..), as opposed to following orders regardless of the mental state of the ruler. Greed is bad. Revenge is bad. Wizard's third rule: Passion Rules Reason. (Villager's revenge)

By the way, the list of Wizard's Rules:'s_Rule
Tags: anime, series

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