Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Hard drive death...

Looks like most of the data in my bittorrent download's folder is corrupted or gone - thank goodness for Retrospect's ability to skip over unreadable files - I kinda wish it would be able to replace bad blocks with zeros / nulls, but I don't think it does that, being 'backup' software, as opposed to data copying stuff, like dd. Unfortunately, dd takes way too long - I ran it pretty much all day yesterday, and it was only able to get up to 15.3GB before it started stalling really badly.

At current count, there's about 200 files that are messed up due to "i/o error, bad media?", error -36.

Boo. I wonder if their new motion sensing hard drive protection system would have saved me.

Or maybe the hard drive was already corrupted, but I just didn't know until now.

17 GB remaining, 35.3 GB done. 473793 files copied, with 146295 files remaining. 9:30 elapsed. Near 320 files lost, most being downloaded and replacable mp3s, some text files (as we enter the Documents/ folder...)

Lost some of the past schoolwork archived files as well. Nothing vital, as far as I can tell.

Oh, and I lost the Binary Universe CD rar file. Porsupah, you may have to download that on your own. It's on aMule.. I think you can get to it. Lost the Hooked on Classics rar file as well. That may be slightly more irritating.. I'm sure I can find that again though. Hopefully.

::sighs:: I would swear I have backups somewhere, done over the summer, but I don't remember where. Probably at home... Urrr. I hope I don't have to send the system in to get the hard drive replaced.
Tags: hardware, ibook, problem

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