Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Oh Apple box, where art thou...?

Yes, I'm still waiting for my box (to send in my iBook for repairs) to be delivered. WTF, Apple? Usually, it doesn't take this long... It's been over 48 hours, and (rapidly) approaching 72.

I know they got my address right, as it's correct in the e-mail. But I haven't seen any slips of paper notifying me of a missed package/delivery... I wish I had a tracking number.

Will call them tomorrow if I don't get it by the 72 hour mark... It does say 2 business days in the e-mail, and that's.. new (usually, Apple does DHL next day(?) service... although the most recent one had been a FedEx delivery... Downgraded, due to expenses?).

:( I want my box.

In other news, porsupah noticed a "Design a Sex Toy" competition. As the idea suggests, site is not worksafe.

The prize? £1000. That's approximately $1.9K USD.

I have an idea, but I don't know how well I can word it.. we'll see. Don't believe I've seen anything like it anywhere either, so uh... hopefully it's new and unique. =^^=v

(No, I DON'T spend all of my time online surfing for sex toys. Sheesh. >.> I'm just... somewhat well traveled, in terms of the internet.)

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