Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

iBook back again.

Unfortunately, it seems like my MacOS X 10.4 installer disc has gone kaput. Booting causes a white (Firmware) screen and invalid memory access warnings.

I blame the low quality DVD-Rs used. And I don't think I have access to the files anymore. Dunno. It was a "one year mac OS upgrade" program offered by our school for no more than $40, which was cheap. But we didn't get media, just the dmg file. Meh, whatever. I've got copies at home, and the Retrospect backup imaged my entire hard drive, so restoration was pretty much flawless, with the exception of those files with read errors. Other than retrospect's ability to skip bad files, I can't say I recommend it as a backup solution though. Extracting specific files was near impossible, and the GUI was quite... dunno. Still classic-like.

But yeah:
+Systems back online, essentially where I left off. With the full system restoration, I've only seen one or two odd things complain (synergy and little snitch, I think, about registration.)
-I planned to do a clean re-install of MacOS X at some point, to clear up the clutter. But without a clean disc, I can't do that. Although the computer did come back pre-wiped and installed with 10.4.2.. I managed to mess it up while copying system files over (/private/var/* should not be messed around with. Unless you're running the Finder as root, so you don't have to keep authenticating.)

Anyways, yeah, todo:
-Get back to the livejournal stuff. I want to see it live, damnit.
-Get back to Ouqi's highbrow stuff.
-I'm taking a speed reading course. Spiffy, but I need to remember to attend it tomorrow... I swear, I'm going to forget... (I can almost read at 500 wpm, at 60% comprehension/retention.)
-J-net website.
-ECE329 has been relatively good so far, but it's old material. I need to make sure I don't slip behind.
-Need to finish making notecards for IB150.
-Need to read the required textbook reading for IB150.
-CLCV115 has a writing assignment due. A military blog for two characters from Homer's Iliad. Ugh..?
-STAT400 homework due friday.
-ECE329 homework due friday.

I've given away some resumes at the recent Engineering EXPO, but I don't expect to get a job. XP GPA too low, methinks. Besides, then I could commit the summer to Ouqi's thing. Or grab another Google Summer of Code project. Maybe. Marfle.

Anyways. I ramble.
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