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Hehe. Silly preaching people on the Quad.

So, today, there were four people on the quad preaching that we're all sinners and we're all going to hell.

Here's the sign they were holding:


And the main guy had a shirt on that had "All Homo go to Hell"-

So, not having classes for the remainder of the day (I saw them after my last class, which ended at 2), I ate lunch, ran home, grabbed a paper towel roll and a recent fedex sign, and made up what this dragon has in his hands, more or less.

Except much smaller, since I lacked real sign-making materials.


I got lots of smiles and grins, multiple thumb-ups, and a high five. And used up about 3 hours, being quite amused by the guy's arguments with other people. And comforted by the creation of an offshoot group of students of different denominations who banded together, against the preacher person, to state that religion is all about tolerance. And how we should be accepting of each other and such. That was touching.. there is hope in this world!

And I'm proud of myself for having the guts to stand around with the sign. =^_^=v
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