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Semi-substancial post...

Yeeeah, uhm. Since, you know, it's past midnight, and the best rambling posts about personal life and school and all that is gets written around this time. Well, typically, it gets better after 3 AM, but even more convoluted and confusing for the end reader... so we'll take the 1.5 AM version.

Life... has been ok. I've isolated myself a bit more lately to study - this means hitting the Union basement with the Rio Forge MP3 player, textbooks, and no computer. Heck, I haven't been on AIM much either, for that matter. I've missed a few STAT400 classes due to not waking up in time, or waking up, turning off the alarm clock, and then taking a detour to my bed before going to the shower, resulting in a 30 minute delay.

So yes, more isolated then ever. I think this is how Katie went hermitty. Not entirely by choice, but usually, you get much more done alone. And it has to be done, if you don't want to stay up all night. Because really, sometimes, people slow you down. Not because they're slow, but because you need to match schedules with them. And I prefer my own pacing, which tends to be on the faster side. I don't want to wait; I'm impatient.

Of course, there's the downside to being alone while studying - you've got a higher tendency to fall asleep - as a result, I have to take powernaps on my textbooks to combat this. O.o Which means an untimed, but typically 30 minute nap before waking up and reading another 2 chapters of the IB150 textbook, employing the nice power reading techniques taught by the spiffy power reading class here on campus.

By the way, I've got a 300-500 wpm reading (+comprehension) speed, if not more. It depends on the material, and the amount of new vocabulary. I think it's slower for IB150, since there's terms to memorize. But yes, I can cover about 2 pages in 3-5 minutes, 1 chapter in 30. Judging by the mini-questions at the end of each section that I periodically try, I'm retaining at least 2/3rds of the material. Don't know about vocabulary yet... but that is good. I've got 5 more chapters to read through, then the lectures. Then I should make notecards to memorize the vocab, and draw some of the major diagrams.


But... I'm also more lonely in terms of people-communication-ness. I haven't spoken to anyone on AIM for... quite a while now. I haven't spoken to Karen-senpai on MSN for at least a week. ^^;;; I feel jealous at groups of people, which is somewhat new. An increase in jealousy at people who are being people, as opposed to jealousy at cute couples strolling the streets. I want to go to the TASC/AAA Corn Maze this saturday, but I don't know if I'll have the time. I should be able to manage it.


I feel like making a change in the way my life currently is. Something drastic, perhaps in the social area. But I don't know if I can afford it, and I think I'm also afraid of change. Things are working out fine the way they are. Not optimal, perhaps, but fine. And fine is good. Isn't it? I'd leave some cry for attention or cries of help here, but I think that'd be rather lame, ne? Whatever. :) I doubt most people will have the patience to read all of this. Skim on, folks~


We've renewed the apartment for next year. So uh, yes, we will be staying in the same place. I can't believe it'll be my senior year soon. It's disturbing.


Anyways, upcoming nasties:
-CLCV115 Written Essay Exam in discussion
-CLCV115 ...multiple choice section? hour exam in lecture
-IB150 hour exam at night

Next Wednesday:
-STAT400 first hour exam

Next Thursday:
-ECE329 first hour exam. The one I failed last semester.

All on top of the normal homework I have. Being stats homework every friday, ece329 homework mon, wed, friday... I think I might get a reprieve for ece homework friday... hm. Small yay.

And then there's other stuff, stuff that oddly enough, stresses me out more, because it keeps getting pushed off to the side. That being, Ouqi's thing, and the LiveJournal project. Neither of which are getting anywhere. I need to talk to Brad at some point to see if it can get moved to the beta server for testing. But before that, I need to finish the zip file, write the clean-up script.. and uh, probably some other stuff. Ouqi's thing... I don't know. There's so much to do, I think at this point, I may not be too sure where to start.
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