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Yes, there's about three people who did that questionaire meme that I need to get around to answering. It'll get done, eventually. Unless Safari dies and manages to somehow lose all of my saved-currently open pages. I love browser save states.

Um. Right, I'm just procrastinating (::coughs, "taking a break"::) here. Drank 80% of a free can of Monster Energy drink stuff, planning to pull an allnighter to study for both upcoming exams on thursday.

Yes, allnighter tonight, instead of tomorrow night. Night being counted, as usual, as the chunk of time before the sun rises again. None of this silly human hourly stuff.

I digress. Hm. But I don't remember what I was going to say anymore. Monster energy drink tastes decent, kinda like oddly flavored soda. I feel slightly spazzy, although that's probably just my subconscious believing that I've got caffeine. But I'm awake, and when I get into reading, I can step into the concentrated state pretty rapidly. Don't know about information retention, although from short checks, it looks like things are doing alright in my head. We shall have to see. I've got a few chapters to read, then some homework to do.

The plan for tomorrow? Draw diagrams for the assorted bio things. And prepare for the three possible essay questions for CLCV, as well as filling out that list of terms for CLCV. The latter will take more time, as I think I might need to re-read the Iliad for nice passages. I wonder if my BSsing skills still exist somewhere in the dark corners of my mind.

And I should take the practice exams. Yes, that would be wise. Just to see how much more panicking I should do.

Time to get back to reading before I get sleepy. I don't trust caffeine to actually keep me awake. It's been my past experience that it gives me a relatively short energy boost, then I crash spectacularly. Which means I'll probably need another nap tomorrow afternoon. Or I'll fall asleep for all of my classes tomorrow. We'll see.

Forward ho!

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