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hehehe, cooool...

got irritated by the interference my computer speakers were causing the headphones... (to clarify, the sound travels from computer to speakers to headphone) mostly because it took outside power and I was using the wrong type of plug (was supposed to use AC-DC 9V 1A, but instead used AC-AC 9V 1A)

so I took apart the speaker and wasted about 2 hours welding the input points directly to headphone output... and it works now, la dee la dee la~

Right, and now back to programming. Or maybe something else. Who knows....

and Uzumaki is freaky. Damn you, balor-san, why did you have to make me curious? X.X evil horror mangas.... Will grab the rest of it and satisfy my curiosity and give myself nightmares for the rest of the week. That is, after I grab Gatekeeper 21 - 6 :D Can't recall if I ever thanked you, but thank you ^^ and do tell me which Sakura Wars OVA episode I stopped uploading at... unless you don't need it anymore.

......what's the chance you'll actually read this... mmm.. should crosspost this to your server somewhere.

in other news, I need to stop using livejournal as a substitute for more private methods of communicating. ^^;;; like e-mail, phones, IM, talking ;P

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