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McDonald Monopoly...

Thus far, have won a breakfast sandwich and 25 Snapfish photos (online).

Collected pieces
Penn Railroad, B&O Railroad. Missing Reading and Short
Have Park Place (x2), missing Broadwalk
Have North Carolina (x3), missing Penn and Pacific
Have Alantic Ave (x2) and Marvin Gardens, missing Ventor
Have Illinois Ave, missing Indiana and Kentucky
Have New York (x2) and St. James (x2), missing Tennessee
Have Connecticut (x2) and Oriental, missing Vermount
Have Baltic, missing Mediterranean

Game board can be found here:

14 stamps total. Adding about 6 per week (on sundays, when the chinese restaurant I have a meal plan with isn't open). And maybe more often - Apparently their 32 oz. (large) drinks are only $.89, and they've got stamps too. I suppose I could get lemonaide or something healthier... better than large french fries, anyhow. Makes you wonder though - would winning stamps be located on the cheap food items?

In other news, the first day of PuzzleCrack ( is complete. We came in 17th, or so I've been told. Kind of a disappointment. We were stuck on one of the parts for an absurdly long time. I miss my toolkit of little perl scripts. Although I have replacements, it just doesn't work. If I were really unlazy, I'd code up something for myself in java or something, but.. eh.. the prizes suck. Microsoft hardware which I wouldn't use. And bragging rights would be nice, but... dunno, am tired and relatively drained.
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