Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Hmm, act, act, act on?

Originally, this post was to be a poll, but I'm lazy, and posting through the livejournal/portal, so I don't have easy access to a poll generator. So you guys get text instead.

Yes, I need to get my act together. Because, honestly, this whole GPA thing is really bad - I'm getting a bit annoyed with getting turned away / or turning myself away after interviewers ask for my GPA. Example: GE's training program - the lady who was describing it essentially just stopped showing any interest in me once I revealed that my GPA was below 3.

So yeah, I need to stop with the last minute things (like homework and exams, and oh, school in general), and start with the whole preview lectures topics / pay attention in lecture / review after lecture / doing homework before it due. So hopefully when exams come around (in two weeks), I'll be _reviewing_ the material, instead of cramming and learning the material like I've almost always done. Hey, it got me through high school, middle school... But it just doesn't work with the amount of information that I need to pick up. (hey, hey, does that mean I'm actually quite smart? Or does everyone do the cramming/learning thing and pass school, and I'm really just the dumb one? X.x )

Unfortunately, that means I need to work double-hard to catch up. And therein lies the largest problem; I get distracted a lot, and I want to say that my attention span has gotten worse, but that's not really the case - it's purely a lack of interest in the material. More or less, really.

So I need some way to generate interest. I think I can do that though.

With luck, changes won't be all that bad - Honestly, there's chunks of time that can be further compressed and used for studying. I should set up a schedule and _stick to it_ so I don't lose said chunks of time.

On the other hand, the Speed reading / Study skills class is over. I must say I'm glad I spent the $15 - not because I learned how to read faster - I may have picked up better ways to skim, but that's of little use compared to the readings our teacher gave us: they were all on the topic of reading and learning, and from those, there's some tricks I need to resummarize and put together to post / use myself.

My reading rate, by the way, appears to be among the highest in the class. And according to the Nelson-Denny test, I'm around the 95% in both reading speed and comprehension. =^^=v

But yeah, tips/tricks/methods => change.

And I need to NOT put off changing. Because exams are only two weeks away - I've lost a week already. And the coming wave of exams is positioned a bit worse than the first; there will be three exams, one per day, from monday until wednesday. And I can't afford to put this off if I want to get A's.

The end of october is coming.

I see thee, winter, and I greet thee with open hands. Welcome back.
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