Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Guh. Tired Kitty.

I biked to University and Neil in an attempt to find the Champaign Do It Best Hardware store. I just realized that I was too far north; it's on Springfield. Doh. But the trip was pretty good - I headed further north... up Neil, right on Bradley, north-west up Bloomington Rd, to hit Home Depot and grab prices for PVC pipes. They've got too many employees there. Or it was employee-inventory-everything day or something. o.O The place was just crawling with employees.

Having gotten prices, I continued north-westwards up Bloomington until I hit Prospect, and then I headed north to find Lowes. Nice place, much cheaper than Home Depot, at least in terms of PVC pipe prices. Was pleased, got lost a bit, found an Arby's, had a delicious sandwich and crappy fries. Then headed back south on Prospect, chanced upon a thrift/clothing store just slightly south of Bradley - didn't find a blue jacket/windbreaker to use as part of my Ritsuka cosplay though. Poop. Shall have to go hunting for that later...

And continued my way south, until I hit Springfield, at which point I turned left and headed home~

Twas good. At the end, I was singing out loud to random songs on my Rio Forge. ^^;; Wonder if anyone saw me... especially since Murder, Murder - Jekyll & Hyde was playing, so there was much chanting of Murder, murder! Hehehe. Insane Asian kid biking down the sidewalk of a busy (car-wise) street.

It was good, but now I've got to do homework, and I'm _tired_. XD
Tags: biking, champaign, exploring, life

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