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RENT, Halloween party, Ritterschlag video

RENT was very, VERY good. I only wish I had picked up tickets earlier, so I could have gotten a better seat. But I procrastinated, so I ended up relatively far away from the stage. Not too bad, but I couldn't see nice details (I think I might need new glasses...)

The lighting was nice. Sound... they had the orchestra/'pit' people onstage, under a platform-ish thing. A tad bit odd, since you reduce the available stage space that way... but eh, not too bad.

It was relatively amusing - when we hit the sadder songs (notably Life Support, I'll Cover You-Reprise, Your Eyes), there was a significant increase in shuffling and coughing. I will admit to shedding tears at points - especially at the I'll Cover You-Reprise. It wasn't done with as much emotion as I think could be possible, but it still had it's desired effect.

What I'd give to see it again, with a better seat. Was surprised they didn't actually set fire to the barrel (at the beginning).

There were some parts that aren't included in the soundtrack, annoyingly enough - I thought the soundtrack was complete. Not like it matters too much - the story's still mostly there, but still..

After RENT, I rushed back, got changed, and headed out to Denise's halloween party / her roommate's birthday. Saw Lily/Christine there and ended up not saying hello to them again. Was kinda afraid it'd stir up unnecessary drama. Or that they'd kill me or something. ::sighs:: Other J-net people were there too... mmm... pictures were taken, and eventually, I lent out the catears to other people to try on. Possibly a bad idea, one drunk girl (hmm, never caught her name..) kept taking them from me. And tried to take my tail, which is near impossible, as it's worn on a belt... anyhow, the clips for one of the ears have come loose - I need to fix it later. ::sighs:: That's going to be... interesting, I think, since I think they were sown on before the rest of the ear was sown together.

I wasn't unsocial the entire time. =^^=v I was tired though, so much of the time was spent watching people and leaning against the wall.

Alright, bed now, keep nodding off.

Remember that video about dragon training? And silly burning knights and a princess? I found the original video (we think it's original), so no more youtube link. Instead, here's a megaupload link. File is 50 MB, approx.
Ritterschlag video:
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