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It was a dark and stormy night...

Actually, no, it's not stormy, just dark and frigging cold. And I'm studying at the moment, so I'm not going to interrupt that to really begin my NaNoWriMo. Le Sigh. But I have a tiny bit planned as an entry point, so here it is....

He ran down the darkened corridor, bare feet slapping loudly against the cold white tiles. Behind him, he heard scratching noises of black nails on the same cold white tiles and a soft, wicked, delighted laughter. It was gaining on him, he knew, but he was too afraid to turn and see how much closer it had gotten.

Counting the doors, he skidded to a stop as he grabbed the cold brass door knob of room 234.917, which, he hoped, was the correct room. Gasping, he twisted and pulled. The door swung open slowly, resisting his efforts, hinges groaning. It shouldn't be like this, he thought. It was easier last time.

As soon as he could, he slid through the doorway, and tugged, hard. The door shut, but not before he caught a glimpse of a blood-red pupil set in a royal purple eye and smiling teeth that whispered, "You'll be back. And I'll always be waiting."

-[ Join me. You know you want to. ]-

Wordcount: 158/50,000

(The room number isn't random. Bonus points to the person who notes why.)

[edit|stormy, not story. -.-]
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