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Grrr, Adobe...

I love Photoshop - it's powerful and wonderful, but...

Illustrator? Why can't I open multiple PDF pages at once? Or rather, why isn't there an easier way to switch between pages of a PDF?

And Acrobat Pro? Why the heck don't you have tools to let me move large chunks of pages around.

Yeah, I needed to combine two past exams into a cheat sheet. 11 pages, down to 1 and a half. Accomplished it after much messing around, time: 1 hr. Booyah.

Ended up opening up (multiple file merge) into one file using Acrobat, cropping out the problems I wanted, then printing to Adobe PDF, which gave me three pages. Then I opened up each page in Illustrator and rearranged the problems so it wouldn't take up so much space. That compressed it down to 1.5 pages. And now to fill the remainder 1/2 of a page with formulas and notes that I should have.


Exam in 6.5 hours, more or less. Ice skating before that, but I may try to get off the ice ASAP. I did attend the "extra credit" assignment - a paid sync. skating performance that I got in for $1, instead of the $3, 'cause I only had a $1 and a $20, and he didn't feel like making change. =^^=v And I got the signature of the president of the sync. skating... club? Team? Whatnot. And then left. ^^;; What, I've got proof that I went there...


I can now legally buy alcohol. WTF?
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