Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

bah, wishes..

I wish I had her =^.^=;; need someone to lead me like this when it comes to romance/girls.

Right. That was a hint to any girl out there that might, heavens forbid, be interested in me. Don't know why you would be interested ::shrugs:: but..

...will be leaving for UM/UI/Chicago umm... in 12 hours. Or less. Plan will go as follows:
Saturday (night): home -2h-> NJ/Cousin's house
Sunday: NJ -10h-> UM (sleep at hotel)
Monday: Visit UM, UM -5h-> Chicago to family friends house
Tuesday: Wander Chicago, visit Northwest? dunno Chicago -2h-> UI
Wednesday: Visit UI
Thursday: UI -> Midpoint stop
Friday: Midpoint stop -> home

Will take down IBCorner beta test server (port 2000), hotline server (5500), carracho private server (6800), all current torrent seeds. BitTorrent Tracker should remain up. Carracho public server and webserver (main IBCorner, and RMHS Club stuff) should also remain up.

Karen-senpai was kind to a bothersome, indecisive child today, thank you. ^^ Sorry I'm not more conversational... or decisive. And we need to plan further beforehand and be less spontaneous when trying to get people, else this will keep happening, I suspect. It was fun though ^^

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