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Owww... owwwies....

My legs hurt. Got hit by cramps in my left lower leg, then right lower leg, almost immediately afterwards about 2 minutes away from the ice cream place tonight. The left one recovered practically immediately and hurts only if I flex my foot in odd directions, but the right one's still hurting.

Biked some 8+ miles down to curtis orchards. Then another 8+ miles back up to my apartment.

And then later that night, from the Union, to my apartment (0.5 miles), then down to 6-pack, and then all the way west to Mattis (JAC ice cream social; all you can eat ice cream for $6). 3.3 miles there, and another 3.3 back

I need to readjust my bike seat so I can fully reach the ground while sitting normally on the bike. While that's wrong, and my knees should be slightly bent or straight when the pedals all the way down, it's a bit annoying when I totter back and forth waiting for the light to change it. I mean, I can reach the ground if I "tiptoe" right now, but that doesn't give me enough room to correct for accidents (like the one monday when I scratched up my face). XP

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