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Homeward bound in T-14 hours...

Departure for home tomorrow at 3/4ish from campus -> airport, flight out at 5:40 (CT), landing in Detroit, MI (DTW) at 8:15 (ET), then 9:28PM from Detroit, MI (DTW) to Baltimore Wash, DC (BWI) at 10:56PM .

I will be returning to Illinois on Saturday, the 25th, departing early morning at 7:45 from BWI (ugh).

Most of the week will be spent on:
NaNoWriMo, ECE329 studying ('cause thus far, both exams have been below average), working on converting a bit of ColdFusion to PHP and working on Highbrow stuff. Priority falls in that order, I'm afraid, as due dates x importance.


The eternal battle between The Fudds and The DevilBunnies.

I was amused.
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