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Not much done.

Up to 7234 words right now. I work better at night. Much more concentrated. ::sighs:: Damnit.

And that means I wrote about 2500 words today, which is no where close to enough.

Running out of time. ::whines:: But at least the story's going, and I'm not really hitting any writers blocks. Just... "Goddamnit, how the frick do I word this so it doesn't sound like utter crap?" and "ZOMG, I don't want to write about his school/classes! It'll add to my word count, but it's boring as heck, and requires a lot more thought! Hmm, ok, screw school. We'll just skip for this for now."

My standards are too high. XD At the moment, it's just slightly below what I would consider "acceptable for consumption by friends" - as in, would be somewhat embarrassed to let people read, but wouldn't mind all that much as long as they're already friends. And know that this was written for NaNoWriMo; with quantity in mind, instead of quality.

So, uh, yes, if I do finish, I will post it. If I don't finish... well, then we'll have to see.
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