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Belated list of thankfulness. Or something of that sort.

Should have posted this on thanksgiving. But I was bad, and didn't, so here it is. Let's count these little things I take for granted, shall we?

I am thankful...
for a house to live in, with people I gladly call family. for a mother who's more than patient with her often unhelpful son, for a father who puts everything towards work so we can live the life we live, for a sister who loves me unconditionally.

I am thankful...
for my friends made in high school that I can still call friends (eh, I hope), despite being extremely bad with communicating with them. for the friends I have made at school who put up with me. for my roommate, who has to endure my insanity. for Karen, who has put up with all my whining and angst and "I love you"'s over these past three, four years. for Megan, who still remains a close friend.

I am thankful...
for the internet. for the world we live in. to the Powers That Be, for keeping it running, even though we're screwing up the planet oh-so-badly. and for the USA, not being as bad as it could be.

That shall do for now. Mostly, I suppose, I'm thankful towards my immediate family. There would be a lot that I would not have or be able to do without them behind me.


I am considering giving up on the NaNoWriMo. Again. For the fourth year now. I got further than I got the last two years, but not as far as the first year. And while it's technically possible (writing marathon, pulling an all-nighter and throwing any plot I have down the drain... if the latter is even possible), I do have other homework that I _have_ to do. Stuff due monday... Final exams to begin studying for... Other obligations that have been put off.... This thanksgiving was relatively productive, but not nearly enough.

For the curious, I'm at 16K. I think I average around 0.5-2 hours per 1K words. 2 when I hit writers block. 0.5 if I don't at all. Technically, if I didn't stop, I should be able to do nearly 5K words per hour (83 wpm). But there's often much stoppage and thinkage. :P

Hmm, that means if I type really fast (4K/hr) without thinking at all, I can get to 50K in 8.5 hours. A little over one work day. You know, maybe things don't look that bad.. after... all.. Or even 16 hours, at 2K/hr, which... is still within a day. Ignoring the fact that I'll need to eat at some point. Heh.

Alrighty, here's the goal. I will try... try to get to 40K before 1 PM on sunday. That gives me roughly 24 hours to write 24K, assuming I don't sleep. Failing that, I'll give up. If I make it, well, I should be able to get the rest of the 10K before november ends.

No, it's not really a reasonable goal. But shush. Let the insanity speak. I want to accomplish something.
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