Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang



but my time away was put to good use, despite being over at victor's house. Went through my EE once, will make changes and finally e-mail it to Mrs. Bridgett -.-;;; Need to remember to get footnotes in as well. Don't think I'll do my own test program, would still be nice, but I lack the equipment and the time to study how to do it nicely.

And not only that, my computer was busy at home helping me grab Johnny English (Miya-neechan's suggested movie... well, kinda. would watch it in theaters, but I dunno if I'll find the time to sneak out again... and I'll probably get the DVD if it's good, so... and if not, I'll delete it.), several Jackie Chan movies (my dad's thinking of collecting Jackie Chan's movies now that we have all of 007... but we've found that some of his movies suck. very much. so this will help us decide what not to get...), Future Boy Conan (what is this. o.O) and Neko No Ongaeshi (the cat returns)... this time, Neko No Ongaeshi is in very nice, high quality format. ::gazes, mesmerized:: so nice.... and it has so many cute cats... mmmm... must get the DVD so I can have the original, definitely worth keeping =^^=

And now, off to bed... or at least off to get ready for bed...

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