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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
J-Net Fashion Show: Post-show analysis/breakdown

In two months, we managed to pull together a hour and... 20-25 minute fashion show. (So no intermission was really needed, I guess. My mistake and miscalculation.. was expecting a longer show.) Props to all!

Audience turnout: ~140-180 (48(catwalk seats)+26*5(seats per row in main seating area))

For the record, we used:
Illini Union Rooms A,B,C
Two light trees (oddly gel'd clear, green, blue, yellow) + light mixer
Built-in rotatable ceiling lights.
One Spotlight
Two wireless handheld mics, along with speakers on poles and a sound mixing cabinet on wheels. Included wires to projector
A rear projection screen (wootness. That was the awesome) said to be 9x12.
A projector (from the RSO)
VGA cables connected to about 100 feet (Props to the Union).
Two laptops (one PC to run most of it, and my iBook to run a quartz composition)
12*2 platforms in a T shape (actually 4x6 platforms, joined to be the "6x8" that the office told us. Main stage was 32' wide, 12' deep. Catwalk was 8' wide, 24' long. Platform height was at the max 2'.)
Several meters of random rope to line off projector area.
Assorted extension cords.

J-net fashion show order:
Chu-chu dance
Skit Part 1
Skit Part 2
Martial arts (jujutsu, then judo)
Skit Part 3
Skit Part 4
Little kids
Curtain Call

MC: Sharon and Jason (Lisa for Soran)

Overall, I think it was a very good show. At least it was for me, as this was the first time I've taken the TD position and did most decisions / wrote up cue sheets / etc. Our tech rehearsal wasn't until a few hours before the show, and it wasn't even a full rehearsal. Notes were made at the dress rehearsal the night before. I didn't actually direct in the end, since I had awesome help (callout to Ryan - Lights, and Samantha - Spotlight), and most of the music/powerpoint was managed by Kento and Yukari. I did the ceiling lights and props, and was late on a few of the ceiling lights when things got a bit chaotic.

Still, am quite pleased at how well tech worked out. It could have been a lot worse; the laptop may have had to be behind everything, people could have just not told me about changes (still had to keep my ears open and hunt people down occasionally; guess unless you've worked in a full stage performance before, you don't think of these things...), the lights could have not covered the stage, the catwalk might have been a lot darker. The rear projection might not have worked out. =^^= I stressed out over too many things that just ended up working perfectly.

Soran.. this time was the best I ever did it. A bit surprising, I guess, since usually, I get worse in front of people. Especially when I'm in the front (GAH!). But it wasn't too bad. My timing for a few things were off, but eh, whatever. I may miss the dance. It was spiffy. I want a recording....

And speaking of recordsing... I know Yukari's parents took video, although I don't know how long it may take to get a copy/digitize it. ::crosses his fingers:: I can do it, if I get it on a VHS tape...

I think... the most applause was on funny things (Skit part 3, setting up of the martial arts mats/pads). Although there was decent applause on most bits, especially truer 'fashion show' things, so it was still good. It was a bit of a pity that the umbrella thing was a bit out of sync. I don't remember any other mishaps...

Now to shower and go to bed.

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porsupah From: porsupah Date: December 3rd, 2006 11:36 am (UTC) (Link)
Sounds like fun! If you do wind up with video, I'd be interested at a look too. (If they were recording on DV, of course, then it'd just be a matter of getting enough space on a drive - about 13GB/hour - and having at it with iMovie. If it's Hi-8 or such, then you'd need a DV bridge as well - seems likely there'd be one somewhere in the ivory towers, though you seem to have something capable of such magic)

Quite a respectable audience size, too! Was that about in line with expectations?
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