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=^^=v My uh, not so hard work at has paid off.

Essentially, you read e-mail (click link in e-mail, then click link on page that pops up), and you get credited a few cents. Alternatively, there's games to play, stuff to buy from participating online merchants (with set % amounts back), and surveys to fill out, as well as other cash opportunities to participate in.

But yes, now, a few years later, I now have a $27.23 check. (earned another $27 on top of that, $17 towards "gold membership" to pick up random referrals, and $10 because I didn't read the instructions and thought banner impressions meant something else. So in reality, I should be closer to my next $27 check.. but I'm stupid, so I'm not~ wheee)

They require $30 before you can cash out, and there's a $3 processing fee, so it's really only $27. Dunno, probably not worth it for most people.

Referral link, if anyone's interested joining. You get $5 for signing up*

*"To qualify for the Signup Bonus, Users must:
-Reside in the U.S. and have a valid U.S. Mailing Address
-Check the minimum number of Co-Registration (often referred to as “Opt-In” and “Opt-Out”) boxes required on the Signup Form (if applicable)
-Complete the User Profile located in the Member’s Section"

It's actually possible to get to $30 within a week or so... if you do the cash offers and... sign up for,, and Consumer Direct's credit analysis/score report. Those three would net you $30, but you would have to go and cancel things afterwards, which some people might find to be a pain.
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